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Special features
At home, each of us feels comfortable. A person, coming home, takes off fashionable and stylish clothes and chooses wardrobe options that will be as convenient and practical as possible. Slippers are an essential addition to your outfit. Today these shoes are offered in different versions. The eared slippers are the most popular and loved ones.

Special features

While choosing shoes for home, everyone takes into consideration features like comfort and convenience. For winter, many people buy insulated options that keep their feet warm. Some prefer beautiful products to create a beautiful look at home too.

A perfect combination of comfort and original design are slippers with ears.

These models are the most common and popular today. Benefits of these elegant options include:

convenience and comfort;
Use of hot and dense materials;
Interesting product design.

These soft products are loved by adults and children, who find it difficult to wear slippers. But slippers with ears do not leave any child indifferent, and children wear them with great pleasure.

Basically, soft materials in the form of wool or plush are used to make products. Velvet is no less common. The sole is made of leather, which prevents the penetration of moisture and allows the use of slippers in the bathroom and kitchen.

One interesting thing is that the products resemble soft and warm socks. They hug the foot and keep it warm.


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