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The worldwide popularity of uggs boots is due to surfers, at least, it is commonly believed. Translated from English, Ugly Boots, where the abbreviation uggsS means “ugly boots”. But despite the somewhat awkward appearance, uggs boots have gained many fans around the world.

Features of the model.
Global celebrities and ordinary women are happy to fill their wardrobe with such shoes. Women’s love for sheepskin boots in winter is very easy to explain. They are not only comfortable, but also very warm. This is the reason why several seasons ago this shoe took a leading position, surpassing all other competitors. They go with any outfit, considering that it is completely shameless to appear in bright uggs boots at a fashion party.

And now the shoes do not stop appearing in the collections of fashion brands. A traditional sheepskin model is not always practical. Winter is about to change, snow has been replaced by mud. Sheepskin is difficult to care for, being extremely sensitive to the effects of reagents sprayed on the streets of big cities. Therefore, designers began to offer the public a familiar model made of alternative materials. One of the most practical can be considered leather.

Leather shoes quickly won the hearts of the fashionable public, which is not surprising given their many advantages:
They are less hot than the classic model;
They are very practical. Leather products are easy to care for, more sensitive to external influences;

A wonderful variety of colors and decorations.

Types of women’s leather uggs boots
To lose popularity, the standard model from season to season should surprise in different forms. Leather uggss are no exception. Stylists offer styles for every taste:

Tall models are ideal for northern regions. These boots can be knee high which is very convenient for snowy terrains. Outwardly, high uggss look stylish and attract interested eyes;

medium length. The classic length of uggss is mid-calf, or slightly shorter. With such a model, it is not so easy to run in the snow waves, but it is quite comfortable to walk around the winter city. This height is the most common.

Little boots that cover the ankles a bit, look very interesting. This height came into fashion recently, but quickly gained popularity among the inhabitants of the middle lane. A minimal hot, yet super stylish look for a big city car woman.

Original color
Every season, fashion houses show the public the main trends of the next season. The following colors have become the most popular in the coming season:

Natural beige. This color is suitable not only for sheepskin models but also for leather shoes. It’s all about his versatility. The beige color will make a wonderful pair with any model of winter wear.
White looks great, even when it comes to leather uggs boots. Such shoes will adorn urban sets as well as sports outfits for winter sports.

Black is practical and versatile. For Russian realities, black leather shoes are best suited. Plus, it’s hard to imagine a set that doesn’t include such a pair.

Grays are less boring than black, but have long been classics. Fans of this color are happy to fill their wardrobe with gray uggs boots, which, by the way, are not worse than black in combination with any clothes;

Burgundy at the peak of popularity. Winter boots are not left out. Such a pair is chosen by girls who want to add variety to their image by following the latest fashion trends.

To meet the needs of discerning consumers, fashion brands are using different types of leather to make shoes.

At the peak of popularity are the following materials:

Smooth skin. Mostly rough pork, but there are examples of tender veal skin;
Patent leather, looks more luxurious. These types of leather uggss usually come in a variety of bright colors.
Reptile Skin is designed to meet the desires of the most demanding users.

Not all shoe lovers approve of the use of natural materials in its manufacture. Of course, genuine leather is a high-quality and durable material. However, many manufacturers offer models made with leather alternatives to meet the needs of different customer groups. Outwardly, such shoes are not much different from natural ones, but their characteristics are often affected. uggss made of synthetic leather are not always warm in extreme cold. The loss is compensated by the lower price of such products.

New popular brands
With collections from different brands ranging from luxury to mass market, you can now find a wide selection of practical and warm shoes. We present to you a list of the most popular new products of the season:

The brand Verendina surprises with an unusual look at ordinary shoes. In the collection you can find different colors from classic black to bright blue and luxurious golden beige. Amazing imagination and various decorations: an abundance of decorative stitches, applications, badges on models will satisfy every taste. Brand stylists play with textures, mixing leather and fur into one product.

Democratic brand Moody’s introduced black faux leather uggss in its collection, which showcases the versatility of the collection.

Collaboration uggs and Jimmy Choo showed the world many beautiful models. In the new season, the abundance of decorations is emphasized, shoes are decorated with rhinestones, rivets and decorative badges. One of the key decisions is the geometric pattern that adorns the smooth and patent leather joints. Some joints are given a futuristic look by a holographic coating.

Customer reviews
Owners of at least one pair of leather uggss say they are a must-have winter shoe. Many note the practicality of such materials. In addition, users report that leather boots are less comfortable in severe frosts than sheepskin models, which is not terrible, because severe frosts do not occur often.

What are fashionable shoes to wear?
The beauty of uggs boots is that they go with everything. The same goes for clothing items. You can safely pair them with a fur coat and a big down jacket. However, there are some general rules, by following which you will look stylish and appropriate in such shoes:

A combination of uggss with a long dress is only acceptable for tall girls, just to create a special look. In all other cases, the length of the outer garment should not fall below the middle of the knee. Well, or at least, it should be 10 cm higher than the shoes.
Maintain Proportion: The smaller your height, the smaller your shoes and clothes should be.

If you don’t want to look too baggy, pair your uggs boots with skinny jeans, pants or tights. This rule is especially true for owners of impressive shapes.
Remember that the combination of uggs boots and a stylish midi skirt only adorns a slim and tall young lady.

A combination of textures is welcome, start by combining a light chiffon skirt and your favorite shoes.
The general love for these shoes has decreased, so a combination of uggs boots with an evening dress to go to the theater or a party will be appropriate only in the northern regions.

Examples of stylish kits.
It’s easy to get inspired to create your own photos, by looking at people on the street or the clothes of celebrities.

Mid-length leather uggss would be a nice addition to a motley crop fur coat. To maintain proportion, choose tight black pants to match the shoes.

A black midi pencil skirt, a gray fur jacket and short black leather uggss are a perfect set for meeting up with friends or going to a fashion artist exhibition.

Metallic glitter shoes will liven up a basic milky jumper and gray leggings. Get the perfect set for a relaxing weekend in the city or nature.

Team with black jeans and an oversized black sheepskin coat with a zebra print animal print for a glam rock look.

Every girl or woman should have several pairs of shoes in her arsenal. uggss are no exception in this case. Add a practical leather pair to your wardrobe if you don’t already have one. They will serve you for more than one season, without losing relevance.


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